Company culture

We are an entrepreneurial family business with an informal, no-nonsense culture and a clear family ambition. You can see and feel this in everything we do.

Our ambition

We are guided by our 5 core values

At Royal Swinkels, we encourage a culture where we value people for who they are, where proactivity is combined with operational excellence and where we collectively strive to develop a better, healthier and more sustainable company for the benefit of future generations.

Understand before being understood

Have an open attitude, ask questions. Consider different perspectives. Include diverse internal and external insights for future-proof decisions and outcomes.

Together we will conquer the world

Discover the person behind the person, and passionately build authentic, diverse and lasting relationships. Act with integrity. Create a socially safe working environment. Care for each other and strive for a sense of belonging.

We improve every day

Provide clarity and be determined. Set ambitious and realistic targets. Take ownership for results, your personal growth and the growth of your team. Finish what you started.

Take initiative and have honest conversations

Make brave choices! Address what must be said. Take the initiative and have honest conversations. Give and seek feedback. Be vulnerable.

Embrace change with a positive mindset and full of energy

Address challenges. Consider always what is best for the company and act like it is your own. We celebrate our successes together!

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Celebrating success together

Experience our winning family culture

Royal Swinkels has run a successful family business for over 300 years, and we celebrate every big milestone. Take a look at some of the events and celebrations we have held already. Like to join in next time?

Join us and celebrate our next success together!