Internships &
training programs

Ready and eager to learn? Join one of our internships or training programs. From day one, you will develop your skills and accelerate your personal and professional growth. You will be a valued member of our team from the start, so get ready to jump in and learn on the job.

We want to get to know you

Let’s work together!

We actively reach out to young people who could benefit from taking part in our internships and training programs. For instance, we partner up with schools and colleges, organize brewery tours and give presentations. You are important to our future. Let’s get to know one another!

Vocational training at BBL level

If you are doing a BBL (Beroeps Begeleidende Leerweg) course at a Dutch educational institution, we can train you to become an expert in your chosen field. You will get all your training costs paid, while also receiving a good salary. We often have BBL-level vacancies available at levels 2, 3 and 4 in Logistics, Service & Maintenance, and Process Technology.

Vocational training at BOL level

If you do a BOL (Beroeps Opleidende Leerweg) course at a Dutch educational institution, we can help you get to grips with a number of challenging projects. We work with the latest technologies and machines, so we are keen to train you on these at the earliest point in your career. You can join a BOL-level vocational training course in various places within our organization, including production, administration, engineering and service departments, for example.

Internships and training programs

An internship that will set you up for growth

An internship or apprenticeship at Royal Swinkels means learning, working, and having fun. In addition to practical involvement, you will have the opportunity to initiate and implement projects. We challenge you with educational projects and help you to bring your ideas to life in the workplace.

Besides giving you challenging tasks, we believe it is important to celebrate successes together. Together with your team, and with other interns within the company. Cheers!

"Started as an intern at La Trappe, now brand manager for Belgian beers after various roles."

Daniëlle Leukel, Senior Brand Manager