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From Royal Swinkels to the world

Through our trusted network, we export our malts, beers, compounds and drinks to retail and hospitality companies throughout the globe. We want everyone to be able to experience the warm companionship of enjoying a great drink with friends and relatives.


Partner in craft

Bier&cO is one of Europe’s biggest importers of beer and other beverages, as well as an exporter of Dutch craft beer brands. Over the years, the company has become a knowledge center for specialty beers and other unique drinks.

With its extensive knowledge of the beer and drinks market, Bier&cO enables us to reach consumers in an effective way. Through Bier&cO, we have established valuable connections with the hospitality industry, the retail sector, wholesalers and liquor stores.

Horeca platforms

Hospitality order system

We have also developed our own hospitality platforms to market our products to the hotel, restaurant and catering industries in different countries:

Dare to Drink Different

The webshop for beers and more

Beer lovers with a taste for adventure can discover different flavors and brands through Dare to Drink Different. This platform brings together all sorts of different brews and styles for people to enjoy. It inspires consumers, helps them choose, explains the stories behind each beverage, and sets out exciting new paths for them to take.

Dare to Drink Different introduces consumers to new tastes and styles that may be deeper, fresher, richer or tastier than they have ever experienced before. It encourages beer lovers to go on a journey of discovery by tasting the results of different ingredients and brewing processes. Hard seltzers and various alcohol-free options such as craft sodas are also part of the wide world of options presented for people to try… if they dare.

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