Royal Swinkels

Royal Swinkels is a global family business of brewers and maltsters serving the retail and hospitality industry. We have steered a bold and independent course for over 300 years. From sourcing to production, our high-quality malts, beers and non-alcoholic drinks are enriched with sustainable excellence and advanced technology at every step.

We believe in continuous innovation to deliver premium products. Our commitment to a long-term outlook inspires us in everything we do: our goal is to pass on an even more flourishing business to future generations.

What we believe

Seeing the world as our family

We encourage a culture where we value people for who they are, where proactivity is combined with operational excellence, and where we collectively strive to develop a better, healthier and more sustainable company for the benefit of future generations.

Our ambition

Doing business smarter and more sustainable

We consider it our duty to pass on an even more flourishing business to future generations. We want everyone to be able to enjoy everything we build and brew today. This is a key reason behind our ambition to doing business smarter and more sustainable. We do not allow (raw) materials and energy to go to waste and we ensure that they retain their value. By using data and technology in smart and sustainable ways, we create lasting value for everyone in our family: customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and the world around us. This is how we can contribute to a more sustainable world and pass on an even more flourishing business to future generations.

How we work

We build on our core principles

A winning family culture

We are one team, one family, one Swinkels. Every person is supported to grow and develop along with the business itself. We believe in helping to bring out the best in each individual, so they can untap their full potential. And while continuing to grow and expand successfully around the world, our supportive family mindset remains key.

Circular entrepreneurship

This involves minimizing the waste of resources, energy, and materials. We aim to use as few raw materials as possible while ensuring that whatever we use retains its maximum value. By taking this approach, we contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Intelligent Brewery

We are making our systems and processes more digital, smarter and more efficient by leveraging data and technology. Our aim is to work in an optimal manner around the world, using the latest advances to drive our business forward. This will enable us to continue building a successful company for many years to come.

An extensive portfolio

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  • 300 drinks
  • 16 brands

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