Diverse and extensive

Royal Swinkels offers an extensive portfolio of beverages. Our range of over 300 drinks includes everything from top global brands and lager beers to specialty beers and much-loved local heroes. Craft sodas, low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks complete our assortment. We also own two malt houses that process the high-quality raw ingredients that form the basis of each brew. Our portfolio has been created with the care and attention that characterize Royal Swinkels.

300 Different beers 21 brands


Our brands selection

With 300 different options to choose from, we offer the right beer for every occasion. Our rich range consists of a variety of authentic and well-known brands, as well as alcohol-free beers and other drinks.

Malt houses & breweries

Malting & brewing facilities

We have 2 malt houses and 8 breweries that process the valuable raw ingredients needed to make great beer. Each of these facilities is unique, but all of them share the same passion for quality and craftsmanship.

Malts & compounds

The basis of great beer

Holland Malt

Founded in 1939, Holland Malt provides the best-quality malt to breweries and distilleries on every continent. It combines in-house brewing knowledge with sustainable technology, and aims to establish the world’s first emission-free malt house in 2024.


With 100 years’ experience in malting, CereX produces many different malt extracts and compounds for local breweries and drinks producers. CereX also specializes in high-quality use of co-products resulting from beer brewing processes, that are suitable for a wide variety of health applications such as food or pet food.

Distributors & platforms

From Royal Swinkels to the world

Through our trusted network of long-term partners, we export our malts, beers, compounds and drinks to retail and hospitality companies throughout the globe. Our aim is to offer consumers the right drink for every occasion.


Bier&cO is one of Europe’s biggest importers of beer and other beverages, as well as an exporter of Dutch craft beer brands. Over the years, the company has become a knowledge center for specialty beers and other unique drinks.

Dare to Drink Different

Beer lovers with a taste for adventure can discover different flavors and brands through Dare to Drink Different. This platform brings together all sorts of different brews and styles for people to enjoy. It inspires consumers, helps them choose, explains the stories behind each beverage, and sets out exciting new paths for them to take.

Horeca platforms

We also operate on-trade platforms across multiple countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, the UK, and France. These platforms serve as comprehensive online ordering systems, offering our hospitality clients the seamless opportunity to order all the beers and drinks they need from the huge selection available.


  • In which breweries does Royal Swinkels manufacture its beers?

    Our breweries are Bavaria, De Hoorn, Palm, Rodenbach, De Koningshoeven, De Molen, Uiltje Brewing Company, Habesha, and Cervecería Cubana. Most of these are under our ownership, and we operate in the others using a joint venture or partnership agreement.

  • How does Royal Swinkels distribute its beer?

    In addition to our own distribution channel, we also use Bier&cO to export our beer and other drinks throughout the world.

  • Does Royal Swinkels have any malt houses?

    Yes – we own Holland Malt, which has two malt houses based in Lieshout and Eemshaven. These produce the high-quality malts used as the basis of many global beers.

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