Encouraging people
to drink responsibly

As a brewer, family business and an employer, we believe it is our duty to contribute to responsible drinking and to decrease harmful alcohol consumption. We want everyone to enjoy drinks in a balanced and safe way. Through awareness initiatives, we empower consumers to make informed choices, and our growing alcohol-free portfolio offers a wide array of mindful alternatives.


Our responsible alcohol consumption initiatives

Bavaria christens new brewing installation for new 0.0% that tastes

More than 40 years of 0.0% brewing experience culminate, after an intensive 5-year journey, in the new 0.0% brewing installation. · The new Bavaria 0.0% tastes like pilsner as the innovative brewing installation extracts alcohol from the beer at a very low temperature. · The new 0.0% brewing installation opens doors to even more alcohol-free and low-alcohol beer varieties through a novel brewing method.