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At Royal Swinkels, we have retained our independence throughout our long history. This has enabled us to take a long-term and holistic view of everything we do. This approach has paid off over many years, allowing us to expand our horizons and offer hundreds of different malts and beers on every continent.

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When we look to the future, we think in terms of generations rather than years. This is what distinguishes our approach to business. Using a well-established pioneering spirit as their compass, each generation has made well-considered choices to promote sustainable growth through expansion and acquisition.

This has made us a respected international player today, with an impressive portfolio of malt houses, breweries, brands and beers. Consumers can now enjoy our products in over 150 countries around the world.

10 malt houses and breweries

We have 2 malt houses in the Netherlands, as well as breweries based in 8 different locations across the Netherlands, Belgium, Cuba and Ethiopia.

300 different drinks

Our portfolio includes over 300 different high-quality drinks.

405,000 tons of malt

We produce 405,000 tons of malt each year.

7.7M hectoliters

We produce approximately 7.7 million hectoliters of beer every year, which equates to more than 2 billion drinks.

2,000 people

We now have approximately 2,000 employees around the world.

€1,032M revenue

Our company revenue in 2022 amounted to approximately €1,032M.


1 strategy, five divisions

The organizational structure of Royal Swinkels consists of five divisions: Swinkels Family Brewers, Holland Malt, Habesha, Cuba and Swinkels Real Estate. Each division has its own management team and conducts its own business in line with our company strategy. This agile structure enables us to adapt quickly to challenges and opportunities in a fast-paced world.

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Brewing for the future

Royal Swinkels has a responsibility towards its customers, its people, its business partners and the planet. We believe in doing business sustainably and ethically. As well as being the right thing to do, this also makes sound business sense. We want to make products that beer lovers will enjoy all over the world for generations to come. We also want to play a positive role within society as a whole. Here is how we go about it.