Bavaria christens new brewing installation for new 0.0% that tastes

More than 40 years of 0.0% brewing experience culminate, after an intensive 5-year journey, in the new 0.0% brewing installation. · The new Bavaria 0.0% tastes like pilsner as the innovative brewing installation extracts alcohol from the beer at a very low temperature. · The new 0.0% brewing installation opens doors to even more alcohol-free and low-alcohol beer varieties through a novel brewing method.

Today, Bavaria Brewery, a part of Swinkels Family Brewers, unveils its latest 0.0% brewing installation for alcohol-free and low-alcohol beer. This brewing installation, named Fenix, enables Bavaria to brew a new alcohol-free beer that foams, smells, and tastes like an alcoholic pilsner. The starting point in the brewing process is a unique and secret recipe with alcohol, followed by thermal de-alcoholization to remove alcohol from the beer. By doing this at a very low temperature, as little as possible of the characteristic pilsner aroma and taste is 'evaporated'. The new Bavaria 0.0% will gradually become available in supermarkets and also in the hospitality industry as it reopens.

Romke Swinkels, Managing Director Netherlands, states: "In 1978, my uncle Wim developed a unique process for brewing alcohol-free beer, making us the first major brewery to introduce alcohol-free beer to the market. For years, we held the patent for this 0.0% brewing method. In recent years, the alcohol-free and low-alcohol category has undergone tremendous developments. With this new installation and the revamped Bavaria 0.0%, we, as pioneers of alcohol-free beer, are taking a new step in the segment for which we laid the foundation in 1978. I am incredibly proud of our brewers and technicians who challenged themselves, worked hard for years, and ultimately surpassed themselves. Our Bavaria 0.0% will set the new standard in the market."

Brewing for the Future

After an intensive five-year investment in the brewing installation and brewing process, involving research, the application of new brewing techniques, and endless testing, the time has come. Master Brewer Emiel Hendrikx explains, "The past five years have been characterized by perseverance, during which we, along with our brewers and technicians, visited various colleague breweries and tasted and analyzed hundreds of alcohol-free beers. Once we knew what was needed, we designed and built an installation that fully meets our wishes and requirements. We invested time and energy until we could confidently say that we would bring the best 0.0% beer to the market that we have ever brewed. The new installation gives the new Bavaria 0.0% a refreshing taste, a pleasantly hoppy aroma, and a foam head that is truly worthy of a pilsner. Additionally, the advantage of this new installation is that we can broaden our entire portfolio of alcohol-free and low-alcohol beers with new beers and varieties without compromising too much on the taste or quality of the beer. This was something we were not able to achieve with the previous installation."