Holland Malt opens world's first emission-free malthouse

Holland Malt, one of Royal Swinkels' operating companies, officially opened the world's first emission-free malthouse on March 14, 2024. With this step, the Eemshaven-based malthouse goes completely off gas. CEO Jos Jennissen and Groningen's Deputy for Climate, Energy, Water & Mobility, Johan Hamster, personally turned the handle, making the emission-free malthouse a reality. By completely turning off the gas tap, Holland Malt changes its gas consumption of 18 million m³ and about 33,000 tons CO₂ emissions to absolutely zero.

A toast to a sustainable future
The opening of the emission-free malthouse was celebrated with international relations from all over the world. Jos Jennissen, CEO of Holland Malt: “A project like this requires cooperation, with the industry, governmental organizations, machine manufacturers, customers and suppliers. Therefore, we wanted to celebrate this milestone in our energy transition together and toast to a sustainable future. Additionally, we hope to inspire the global industry with our example, demonstrating that anything is possible." 

This is also recognized by Johan Hamster, Groningen's Deputy of Climate & Energy, among others: "As a province we promote sustainability in Eemshaven. We are therefore proud that Holland Malt, as the first emission-free malthouse in the world, is located here. It serves as an inspiring example for other entrepreneurs!" 

Heat pump system
Thanks to a new, innovative heat system, the malting process no longer uses fossil fuels, biomass or other energy sources that cause harmful emissions. "The total capacity of our heat pumps makes it the largest heat pump project in the Netherlands. If you compare it to your refrigerator at home, the total system is equivalent to about 300,000 refrigerators" Jennissen said. The partnership with Windpark Oostzeedijk, announced last February, ensures the heat pump system is exclusively supplied by 100% renewable wind energy. 

About Holland Malt
Holland Malt is an independent international malt company. As a family business with a long and rich history, Holland Malt has been producing malt for brewers and distillers around the world for more than 100 years. Always with a focus on top quality malt, premium customer service and sustainability. It has two malting plants in the Netherlands, in Lieshout and Eemshaven, with direct access to all important malting barley regions in Europe and the ability to efficiently export its products. Holland Malt produces more than 400,000 tons of malt annually. In late 2021, the malting company announced it was building the world's first emission-free malthouse in Eemshaven. Early in 2024, the company opened the emission-free malthouse, transitioning the malthouse in Eemshaven to operate entirely without gas.