Glass for glass

Bavaria, one of the beer brands of Swinkels Family Brewers, launched a special fundraising campaign to support entrepreneurs affected by the riots that took place in Eindhoven in 2021. The family brewery calls on everyone to return their empty beer crates with deposits to the Philips Stadion in Eindhoven for the 'Glass for Glass' campaign. The proceeds from this initiative were doubled by the brewery and will entirely benefit the entrepreneurs whose windows were shattered during the riots.

Romke Swinkels, Managing Director Netherlands at Swinkels Family Brewers, says, "Not only for hospitality entrepreneurs but also for retailers, the COVID-19 measures and lockdown are particularly tough. With the destruction to their properties, they are now doubly affected. It's wonderful to see that people want to help, and spontaneous cleanup actions and 'aid funds' are being established. This feeling also prevails with us as a Brabant-based brewer and Brainport partner, hence this 'Glass for Glass' fundraising campaign."