Circular procurement

All items that we purchase should be as sustainable as possible, from the raw ingredients that we use for brewing to the materials for the buildings we work in.

What is circular procurement?

A better way of buying

We choose recycled, reusable or sustainable materials when sourcing our packaging, agricultural raw materials (such as hops and malt), marketing materials and construction materials for buildings and machinery. The raw materials entering our company must be produced in a circular way wherever possible. We encourage our suppliers to take steps towards sustainability and circularity, because we can only achieve circular procurement if we work together.

What are we focusing on to achieve this?

Our action plan

We have divided the raw materials we buy into four groups:

  • Agricultural raw materials such as barley, hops and malt
  • Packaging materials such as metal, glass and paper
  • Construction materials for machinery and buildings such as metal, stone and plastic
  • Marketing and promotional materials such as paper and plastic

For each group, we have identified which circular criteria the raw and other materials in that group should meet. For each group of raw and other materials, we have a specialist buyer who, together with the suppliers, ensures that the materials purchased meet our circular criteria.

Our circular production initiatives

Four focal points

    Agricultural raw materials

    For our agricultural raw materials (hops, barley and sugar), we choose sustainably certified products whenever possible.


    All our packaging is 100% recyclable and we use as much recycled material as possible. Whenever possible, we decrease the amount of packaging or replace the materials used with more sustainable alternatives. This way, we use less raw material and produce fewer CO2 emissions during transportation.

    Marketing material

    All supermarket displays and beer mats are made of FSC-certified cardboard. Plastic cups for festivals consist mainly of recycled plastic.

    Construction materials

    We are investigating the materials used to make our buildings and machinery, in order to gain insights into making more sustainable choices.

Circular production

Throughout our production processes, we aim to use as little water and energy as possible and to minimize product and packaging waste. We are also making our transportation as sustainable as possible.

High-quality reuse

High-quality reuse means returning the organic residual flows from our production process to the food chain, and reusing or recycling packaging materials, machines and buildings as much as possible. We are constantly looking for better ways to do so.