Malt house

Located in Lieshout, in the southern part of the Netherlands, our malt house borders the Wilhelmina Canal. Here, Holland Malt crafts premium lager as well as distinctive malt varieties for craft and specialty brewing and distillation purposes. With two plants in the Netherlands, Holland Malt produces over 405,000 metric tons of malt per year. Its customers range from small independent companies to large multinationals. Holland Malt focuses on high-quality malts, superior customer service and sustainability. Thanks to its connections with farmers across Europe, Holland Malt can rely on a continuous supply of the best malts. Today, it exports to more than 50 countries.


De Stater 1
5737 RV Lieshout

Founded in 1939

60+ passionate employees

1,000+ customers worldwide

Export to 50 countries

405,000 metric tons of malt capacity

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Drawing upon 300 years of brewing expertise, our legacy is further enriched by over a century of profound malt knowledge. In the initial decades of the twentieth century, exclusive use of malt from our dedicated malt house defined the quality of our brewery. As our brewery thrived and expanded, so did our malt production capabilities. In 2004, we proudly inaugurated a second malt house in Eemshaven, Groningen. This strategic expansion not only accommodated the growing needs of our brewery but also paved the way for supplying high-quality malt to other breweries.