Rodenbach is a centuries-old family brewery with a unique fermentation method. Its famous 'Flemish red-brown ale' is produced by fermenting the beer in what is known as ‘foeders’. These are large oak barrels that were historically used to ferment wines. Rodenbach’s passionate beer masters ensure the perfect flavor of each beer using their own unique recipes. The result is refreshing, rich and intense.


Spanjestraat 133
8800 Roeselare

Founded in 1821

350,000 hL beer capacity

294 oak casks

Brewing and cellar masters unite tradition & expertise in innovation

Probably the most awarded brewery in the world

Work at Rodenbach?



The ancestors of the current Rodenbach family took part in Napoleon's campaign in Russia, wrote the Belgian national anthem and founded Brewery Rodenbach in 1821. They were enterprising people, with a unique vision of the quality and character of beer. In 1878, Eugene Rodenbach designed a complete maturing process that includes the 294 enormous oak casks that still adorn the maturing hall. The world-renowned foeder halls are protected as part of Flemish industrial heritage.