Based in what was originally a sleepy little Belgian village, our Palm brewery has grown into an international success story. It now produces beers that are appreciated throughout Belgium, the Netherlands, and further afield. Thanks to its expertise in producing top-fermentation as well as bottom-fermentation beers, it offers an exceptional collection of high-quality beers with rich local flavors and tastes. All its beers are brewed with great passion, using unique recipes, by Palm’s skillful beer masters.


Steenhuffeldorp 3
1840 Steenhuffel

Founded in 1706

945,000 hL beer capacity

Top and bottom fermentation

Own water source & hop plantation

Work at Palm?



Brewery Palm was set up by a local entrepreneur in the middle of the eighteenth century. It was built alongside a village inn and a farm with horses, dairy cattle and grain farming. The brewery installed brew kettles, cooling containers, a combustion plant and a malt kiln. More than 250 years later, Brewery Palm still produces both top-fermentation and bottom-fermentation beers using the local ingredients appreciated by generations of beer lovers.