Our Habesha brewery in Ethiopia is closely connected to the people around it. Supported by 8,000 local shareholders, its purpose is to produce beers made by and for Ethiopians. The brewery works according to the highest standards, using the latest technologies. Premium ingredients from Ethiopian soil, such as barley, malt and hops, are brewed in top-quality water sourced directly from Habesha’s own deep wells in the highland grounds of Debre Birhan.


Marathon Building, office no 509
Kabele 13/14 Yeka Sub City Addis Ababa

Founded in 2015

1,500,000 hL beer capacity

8,000 local shareholders

300 team members

Work at Habesha?



Shortly after the brewery opened in 2015, it doubled its initial production of 300,000 hectoliters in response to the demand for Habesha beer. The name Habesha stands for gratitude and the celebration of togetherness. Distinguished by its golden color, rich aroma and smooth drinking experience, Habesha has become the brand chosen by many proud Ethiopians. By 2023, only eight years after the brewery was founded, annual production had risen to 1.5 million hectoliters.