De Molen

The innovators at experimental brewery De Molen are only satisfied if they regularly create something mind-blowing. Every 6 weeks, they put together seemingly impossible combinations of ingredients. Ones that have never been brewed together before. De Molen unites seemingly incompatible words. Because contrast expands the mind. It feeds your curiosity and leads to the most surprising insights.


Doordocht 4
2411 DS Bodegraven

Founded in 2004

12,000 hL beer capacity

#1 brewery in Europe in 2017

Work at De Molen?



In 2004, experienced brewmaster Menno Olivier started his own brewery with a tasting room in his garage. It quickly grew, so he moved it to the old Arkduif windmill by the Oude Rijn river in the Green Heart of the Netherlands. De Molen now also houses a distillery, a restaurant and a shop with beers and regional products. Here, through its partnership with the Philadelphia foundation, it offers work opportunities to people who experience difficulties in entering the labor market.