De Koningshoeven

All around the Abbey of Our Lady of Koningshoeven, one can detect the subtle aroma of hops, yeast and malt. The abbey houses Brewery De Koningshoeven, where beer has been brewed under the supervision of Trappist monks since 1884. This Trappist beer contains only natural ingredients, and is brewed in silence. Sustainable and authentic, each and every drop is based on a deep-rooted conviction. Due to this, part of the revenue each year is donated to charity.


Eindhovenseweg 3
5056 RP Berkel-Enschot

Founded in 1884

100,000 hL beer capacity

Top fermentation

Part of the revenue is donated to charity

Work at De Koningshoeven?



At the end of the 19th century, a small group of Trappist monks fled from France to Berkel-Enschot in the heart of Brabant. They settled at Koningshoeven, the former home of King William II, where they founded the first Trappist monastery in the Netherlands. And they decided to brew beer. Unique beers are still brewed here under the supervision of the monks according to years-old, secret recipes. With care, passion and traditional craftsmanship.