De Hoorn

De Hoorn is a Belgian microbrewery producing small quantities of truly exceptional beers. Each new flavor is born out of creative craftsmanship, and nourished by a passion for continued innovation. With great enthusiasm, our beer masters experiment with herbs, hops, yeast, fruit and wood. They test new combinations of raw ingredients and methods for maturing each beer. The test brews produce approx. 1,000 liters: the exact volume of the earliest brewing installation.


Steenhuffeldorp 3
1840 Steenhuffel

Founded in 1706

1,000 hL beer capacity per brew

Brews craft beers with top or bottom fermentation

Our powerful brand Cornet was created here

Work at De Hoorn?



Brewery De Hoorn was originally an inn, brewery and farm with enough space for horses, dairy cattle and grain farming. The establishment served the village of Steenhuffel, the nearby Diepensteyn Castle, and travelers en route to their destination. But then trade declined, and so did the brewery. It was almost gone. Until 2014 that is, when Palm Belgian Craft Brewers restored the 300-year-old village brewery De Hoorn in all its glory. Since then, it has evolved into a modern microbrewery that attracts many visitors.