Cervecería Cubana

Royal Swinkels crossed the Atlantic in 2023 to set up a new brewery in Cuba. In 2023, Cervecería Cubana opened its doors. Built in Mariel, just 45 km outside Havana, it is strategically located for access to the port of Mariel as well as being close to the country’s capital. The brewery focuses on producing Parranda, its very own brand of local beer. This is a light and refreshing pilsener especially designed for the Cuban palate and climate. ‘Parranda’ literally means ‘party’, and is also the name of an important traditional Cuban festival designed to bring people together. The brand’s slogan is therefore ‘unidos por la cerveza’, which means ‘united by beer’.


Avenida 31, entre calle 18 y calle 20
Zona A-8, Sector A Mariël

Founded in 2023

1,500,000 hL beer capacity

Packaged in innovative PET bottles of 500ml and 1500ml

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Cervecería Cubana was set up as a joint venture between Swinkels and the Cuban state company Cuba Ron SA. The Parranda beer that it produces is a new brand specially designed to capture the essence of this vibrant Caribbean country. The first batch of Parranda was brewed in 2023.