Swinkels Family Brewers named 'Sustainable Brewery of the Year'.

Swinkels Family Brewers wins the title 'Sustainable Brewery of the Year' at the Icons of Beer 2023. In the competition hosted by the World Beer Awards, an international organization that annually recognizes the best beers, breweries are praised for making a significant impact on the beer industry. The jury evaluates breweries based on their innovation and commitment to sustainability.

Peer Swinkels, CEO at Swinkels Family Brewers, states: "This award is a recognition of our efforts over the past decades in the field of sustainability and circularity. Throughout the entire company, you can feel the intrinsic motivation to make better choices and pass on an even more beautiful family business to the next generation. This is reflected not only in our strong social commitment but also in the ambition to operate fully circularly. This ambition keeps us focused on developing new initiatives that contribute to this circular goal. I am pleased and proud that the jury recognizes and appreciates this."

Marthijn Junggeburth, CSR Manager at Swinkels Family Brewers, adds: "At Swinkels Family Brewers, we focus on making our entire chain more sustainable. We choose to purchase sustainable raw materials and materials. For example, our packaging is becoming increasingly lighter and consists of sustainable or recycled material. We are also making strides in our production process: all the electricity we purchase is green, and by using heat pumps and e-boilers, we are progressively reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. In recent years, we have already managed to reduce our CO2 emissions by 37%. Additionally, our malt house in Eemshaven is currently being converted into the world's first emission-free malt house, a project we are very proud of."

"We also make a difference locally: every year, in the 'Boer Bier Water' project, we return 800,000 m3 of purified wastewater to the farmers in the vicinity of our Lieshout brewery. Moreover, at almost all our brewery locations, we employ people with a distance to the labor market. We believe it is essential to take good care of the world around us, and I am proud of the recognition we receive for this."

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