Annual reports

Read about our expansions and transformation over the years, and see where our ambitions lie for the future.

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  • Annual report 2023: We are Royal Swinkels

    Despite challenging market conditions in 2023, Royal Swinkels Family Brewers achieved a solid increase in revenue. Geopolitical tensions, war in sales markets, inflation, the energy crisis, and climate change have shaped a turbulent world and a volatile market. Nevertheless, the family business continued to drive forward, and positive results were achieved. Investments in sustainable growth ensured that the circularity score rose to 61%, 2 percentage points more than in 2022. We are confidently building the future of our company. And we are now doing so under a new name: Royal Swinkels.

Previous annual reports

  • Annual report 2022: The Power of Balance

    Making Royal Swinkels Family Brewers better, healthier and more sustainable; that is the core of our strategy. This is how we pass on an even more beautiful family business to future generations. Our annual figures show that Swinkels Family Brewers has remained financially healthy despite several years of crisis. In this respect, a compliment to our staff is in order here. In 2023, we will maintain the strategic course we have set in a challenging environment with constantly changing circumstances.

  • Annual report 2021: Looking ahead

    Emerging stronger from the crisis. That was always our motto as soon as the pandemic revealed itself. We can now conclude that we have succeeded in this. In terms of profitability, the company is almost back to its pre-COVID-19 level, while we have also managed to strengthen our financial position. Despite an extremely challenging year, we were also able to achieve growth in our sales. In this respect, a great compliment to our staff is in order here. With our way of working together, acting flexibly and persistently looking ahead, we’ve managed to shape our winning family culture.

  • Annual report 2020: Shoulder to Shoulder

    After 2019, a year full of celebratory highlights for our company, 2020 became a year we won't soon forget for very different reasons. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hit our business hard in virtually every country in which we operate. Due to lockdown measures such as closing on-trade establishments, cancelling festivals and a curfew in several countries, a large part of the turnover evaporated. This made 2020 into a year in which we, as a family business, were challenged to show our resilience. And we did exactly that. With the aim of emerging stronger from the crisis, we immediately, in collaboration with all the divisions, came up with an action plan. Although the impact of COVID-19 on our employees was substantial and still is, we are now all demonstrating the fact that our company really deserved the Royal designation. At the same time, we developed plans for the future.