About us

Brewers and maltsters

Royal Swinkels is a global family business of brewers and maltsters serving the retail and hospitality industry. We have steered a bold and independent course for over 300 years. From sourcing to production, our high-quality malts, beers and non-alcoholic drinks are enriched with sustainable excellence and advanced technology at every step. We believe in continuous innovation to deliver premium products. Our commitment to a long-term outlook inspires us in everything we do: our goal is to pass on an even more flourishing business to future generations.

Royal Swinkels

Who we are

As an independent family business, malting and brewing are in our genes. We develop high-quality drinks by searching for new opportunities and untapped potential.

Our portfolio consists of dozens of authentic beer brands that we bring to the consumer through our partners, on-trade establishments and retailers throughout the world. We control the quality through our own malt houses and advanced malt selection processes. As well as using these malts to create our own products, we also export them to over 1,000 different brewers across more than 50 countries.

Our pioneering mindset and collaborative approach are supported by skillful use of technology. We continually work on smart and sustainable ways to create lasting value for all our stakeholders.

How we are organized

We think global and act local

At Royal Swinkels, we implement our global strategy in a locally relevant manner. During our 300 years in business, we have expanded our operations into malt houses and breweries on three different continents. Our organizational structure contains five divisions: Swinkels Family Brewers, Holland Malt, Habesha, Cuba and Swinkels Real Estate. Everywhere we go, we operate in the same way: as an entrepreneurial family business with a long-term outlook.

Our history

From local brewer to multinational player

The first generation of Swinkels brewers set out on their path to excellence over 300 years ago by opening a single brewery in the Netherlands. We grew from a local into a national player. As time went on, we established an international and then a multinational presence. Throughout 7 successive generations, we refined our craft, acquiring knowledge and skills along the way. Our ability to adapt to local needs and changing environments has always enabled us to prosper in different circumstances. Nowadays we produce around 405,000 tons of malt and 7.7 million hectoliters of beer each year throughout the world.


  • How long has Royal Swinkels been in business?

    We were established in 1719, so we have been brewing beer for over 300 years.

  • What kind of beverages does Royal Swinkels produce?

    We brew over 300 kinds of beer, plus an increasingly broad range of non-alcoholic beer and other drinks.

  • How is the company structured?

    Royal Swinkels has five divisions: Swinkels Family Brewers, Holland Malt, Habesha, Cuba and Swinkels Real Estate. 

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