Ethics and responsibilities

Royal Swinkels has a responsibility towards its customers, its people, its business partners and the planet. We believe in doing business sustainably and ethically. As well as being the right thing to do, this also makes sound business sense. We want to make products that beer lovers will enjoy all over the world for generations to come. With this in mind, Royal Swinkels focuses on circularity to ensure that the resources it uses retain as much of their original value as possible. We are also aware of our role within the wider community, and want to play a positive role within society as a whole.

Circular entrepreneurship

Caring for all our resources

We consider it our duty to retain the value of the resources we use as far as possible. That is why becoming a circular business is so important to us. We have developed the Swinkels Circularity Index (SCI) to help us achieve this goal. The SCI guides us in our daily work, and gives us the confidence to align our circularity agenda with our long-term business opportunities.

Responsible drinking

Encouraging responsible use of alcohol

Beer and other alcoholic beverages have been a pleasant part of social life for centuries. Yet alcohol is not appropriate at certain times, in some places and for some people. As a family business, a brewer and an employer, we feel it is our duty to contribute to the concept of responsible drinking and to raise awareness of this issue.

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Safety and well-being

Creating a better workplace

Everyone who works for or with us should be able to enjoy their work and complete it in good health, whichever tasks they carry out. We find it important to take good care of all these people. For this reason, we strive each year to achieve a target of zero industrial accidents.

Local involvement

Benefiting the community

We believe it is important to have a good impact on the communities around us. That is why we engage in long-term structural projects that help the local population. In addition, we are present at events and participate in projects that are important to local people. We do this wherever we are based. In this way, we contribute locally to a more livable environment.

Social responsibility

Doing business responsibly

To us, as a family business, integrity, transparency and loyalty are of the utmost importance. These principles determine our behavior and our way of doing business. Our Code of Conduct aims to ensure that we are doing business responsibly and in a respectful way. It encourages a culture where people speak up if something doesn’t feel right. This applies whether someone is working with colleagues, with partners or with clients.

Sustainable growth

A solid basis for expansion

We have a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, combined with the financial security of being an independent business. These joint advantages have guided us to where we are today. We consciously opt for growth, both autonomously and through new business and acquisitions. Growth gives us the opportunity to invest in innovations and opportunities. It means being able to develop excellent malts, high-quality beer, and non-alcoholic drinks for many years to come.