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Royal Swinkels is a global family business of brewers and maltsters serving the retail and hospitality industry. We have steered a bold and independent course for over 300 years. We believe in continuous innovation to deliver premium beer and drinks. Our commitment to a long-term outlook inspires us in everything we do: our goal is to pass on an even more flourishing business to future generations.

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At Royal Swinkels we encourage a culture in which we value people for who they are, and where proactivity is combined with operational excellence.

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We are an entrepreneurial family business with an informal, no-nonsense culture and a clear family ambition. You can see and feel this in everything we do. We believe in openness, short communication lines and treating people equally.

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A warm welcome and a soft landing await you when you start working for Royal Swinkels. During your time with us, we will help you flourish in each role you fulfil. Not just today, but also with an eye on the future.

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As a family business, we think in generations rather than years. We want to pass on an even more flourishing company to future generations. Circularity is the cornerstone of our sustainability strategy. We are also committed to continuously reducing our carbon footprint, encouraging responsible alcohol consumption and engaging with communities near our locations.

Infographic Circularity initiatives

As a family business, we don't think in years, but in generations. We understand better than anyone how important it is to pass on a more beautiful company and contribute to a greener world. That's why we focus on circular entrepreneurship: ensuring that we use as few raw materials as possible and that what we use retains as much value as possible.

Holland Malt opens world's first emission-free malthouse

Holland Malt, one of Royal Swinkels' operating companies, officially opened the world's first emission-free malthouse on March 14, 2024. With this step, the Eemshaven-based malthouse goes completely off gas. CEO Jos Jennissen and Groningen's Deputy for Climate, Energy, Water & Mobility, Johan Hamster, personally turned the handle, making the emission-free malthouse a reality. By completely turning off the gas tap, Holland Malt changes its gas consumption of 18 million m³ and about 33,000 tons CO₂ emissions to absolutely zero.

Swinkels Family Brewers aims to enhance soil and reduce CO2 footprint for brewing barley with the use of seaweed extract.

Swinkels Family Brewers, following a successful initial test on its own barley fields, is launching a pilot project using seaweed extract as a biological growth stimulant for its brewing barley. Across three locations, a total of six hectares of brewing barley will be treated with the biostimulant, aiming to increase barley yield, reduce water usage, and enhance soil carbon absorption and sequestration. The pilot is conducted in collaboration with Holland Malt malting company, The Seaweed Company, and two farmers associated with the Boer Bier Water initiative.

From surplus beer stocks to hand sanitizer for healthcare institutions

The beer stocks we collected from our entrepreneurs, originally intended for delivery to the hospitality sector, have been sustainably repurposed. The alcohol from this beer has been utilized to produce disinfecting hand sanitizer in compliance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization. We are now distributing this hand sanitizer free of charge to healthcare institutions that need it the most.

Glass for glass

Bavaria, one of the beer brands of Swinkels Family Brewers, launched a special fundraising campaign to support entrepreneurs affected by the riots that took place in Eindhoven in 2021. The family brewery calls on everyone to return their empty beer crates with deposits to the Philips Stadion in Eindhoven for the 'Glass for Glass' campaign. The proceeds from this initiative were doubled by the brewery and will entirely benefit the entrepreneurs whose windows were shattered during the riots.

Latest news

Bavaria Malt relaunches as Bavaria Smalt in Middle East & Africa

In the Middle East & Africa, we are relaunching Bavaria Malt as Bavaria Smalt- a truly refreshing malt carbonated soft drink, brimming with goodness! Crafted with natural ingredients, it offers a delicious and honest alternative to sugar-based carbonated soft drinks.

On our way to net zero - targets approved by SBTi

In 2022, we announced our ambition to achieve net zero operations by 2050. The targets set towards this objective have now been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). It is a vital step in the field of sustainability. The approval brings our ambitious carbon reduction targets in line with the international SBTi guidelines to limit global warming to 1.5°C degrees, as agreed in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Royal Swinkels reports healthy growth and is investing in a sustainable future

Despite challenging market conditions in 2023, Royal Swinkels achieved a solid increase in revenue. Geopolitical tensions, war in sales markets, inflation, the energy crisis, and climate change have shaped a turbulent world and a volatile market. Nevertheless, the family business continued to drive forward, and positive results were achieved. Investments in sustainable growth ensured that the circularity score rose to 61%, 2 percentage points more than in 2022.